2001 News Updates

December 1, 2001 0

2001 NEWS UPDATES:: JULY/AUGUST >> Thank you to all those who ordered Warner products over the past month, especially Peter Luckett of Merrylands in NSW, and Paul Wessels in Kingswood, NSW. I hope you enjoyed […]

Graeme “Shirley” Strachan 1952-2001

September 1, 2001 0

VALE SKYHOOKS LEAD SINGER SHIRLEY STRACHAN Graeme “Shirley” Strachan was killed in a helicopter acciden in August 2001. For more tributes to Shirl go to the official Skyhooks website. When my band, Dave Warner’s From the Suburbs, first toured the eastern […]

The Unusual Suspects – Episode 1

January 1, 2001 0

A CONSPIRACY to destroy Federation and replace the new Australian government with a dictatorship. That’s the theme of a new serial created by DAVE WARNER and The Sydney Morning Herald writer DAVID DALE. Over the […]