A Great Tour Ends

Yesterday at Woy Woy Library marked the end of a 16 date tour of author-talk blended with readings, poems and music. It was a fabulous success largely due to my “helpers” especially Tony Durant on guitar, vocals and morning-tea consumption, Nicole on vocals and at various times Lloyd Gyi, Martin Cilia, Phil Bailey. Libraries are a wonderful resource and I thank all the librarians who hosted my talks, plus all the booksellers who turned out to sell River of Salt. The night at The Backlot for Around the Sound with Bob Gordon interviewing me was very memorable, as was the booklaunch at the Manly Distillery. But none of this can be a success without those who attended. Thank you all so much. I met so many new interesting people, re-acquainted myself with some long-losts and shared a laugh with perennials.

One of the things about such a tour is it raises my public profile and as a result I got a call about appearing on a True Crime Podcast re my tangential involvement with the Claremont Serial Killer Investigation. Here is the link for the podcast: https://australiantruecrimepodcast.com/the-serial-killer-premonitions-of-dave-warner/

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  1. just finished the great laid back Book Dave, well written & deserves a greater/wider audience/readership, spotted the red herring but the rest was just a surprise!, most especially the ending, you clever dog- you. felt good about it, breakthrough is just around the corner… thanks for the personal inscription always means a lot. Field Marshall fritz…

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