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`Aggie’ is a very early song of mine, written I think around 1972 when I was first coming to grips with writing songs. Like nearly all my songs it was written on electric organ. It fits into that singer songwriter era of the 1970s where characters, or grabs of life were rendered by the likes of Cat Stevens. I suppose it’s not unlike a Billy Joel type of song though I heard it more as a kind of Fairports folk-pop thing. Not for bopping to. I’ve never perfromed it and I don’t think I have even done a rough demo of it. Hit the title (Aggie) below and you’ll get it.


It’s late and the pub is slowly emptying

Tom Hicks so drunk he cannot do a thing

And `Won’t you buy me a drink, Love’

Says Aggie in her Friday best

But somehow the boys ignore her as they’ve always done

So Aggie goes out to be blest


By the cop on the corner with the white socks.

So they gather round the eighty-eight

Till ten when they start to dissipate

`And don’t you know it’s cold for a girl as old as me

In my little wooden house with its ancient lavatory

And Tommy my tabby ran and wouldn’t come

Even though I offered him a bone.

Oh well, I guess he’ll be back by morning.’

Wending her way home she hopes to find

Comfort that slipped its leash and stayed behind

And all the Aggie needs is a little piece of mind

After all it’s raining and she’s blind. 

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