It has been a very, very long time since I’ve found myself as frantic as the closing weeks of 2016.  @MartinCilia and David Briggs were working like demons to get the final mix done for WHEN and even though there was no chance it could have an official “release” by then, we were cogniscant of the expectation of those generous Soldiers and Generals who had contributed to the crowd-funding, pre-sale exercise. We wanted to get it to you all by Christmas and we did manage that for many, thanks very largely to a lot of help from my daughter Violet who volunteered to to package and post.  I’m very proud of the album and grateful for the positive response from my existing fans. The challenge is to now attract new fans.  To that end I enlisted my friend Mark Gould to produce video clips of I’m On Facebook But Where’s My Friends? and Snapchat.  We shot two ultra-low budget clips, the first of which is up on You Tube now, the other being edited, but once again that was all happening in late November, early December.    (Link to WHEN on i-Tunes)

At the same time on the book front I was  working on the second draft of my new novel CLEAR TO THE HORIZON that brings together Snowy Lane (City of Light) and Dan Clement (Before It Breaks). That book is scheduled for a November 2017 publication.  Meanwhile daughter Venice was assisting me in getting together an e-book version of BIG BAD BLOOD, my most complex and violent novel. It is up now on Amazon Kindle if you’re a Kindle person and would like a book that hits you in the face like a knuckle-duster fist.

Now on that subject @TonyDurant and I will be doing one of my author talks with music, readings and poems at  THE SUBIACO LIBRARY on Mon Feb 6 (evening).  I don’t think there is any charge but check with the library and cop some readings of Big Bad Blood, City of Light, Before it Breaks and a song or two into the bargain.

Tony and I are in Perth for the premiere of Tony’s musical Mahagonny – Behind Innocent Eyes.

Tony has written some brilliant songs and I have put a script around them to create what we think is going to be an unbelievably enjoyable 60 minutes at The Hellenic Club. The show runs Feb 1-5 and features a fabulous cast under the direction of Sydney’s @RowanGreaves.

We’ll then be back in Perth in March for two Suburbs gigs on the same bill as the great Mental As Anything. Mark your calendar for Fri Mar 17 CHARLES HOTEL and Sat Mar 18 FLY BY NIGHT CLUB.

And from there … MELBOURNE SAT APRIL 22 at the @CARAVANCLUB with ADELAIDE AND GOLD COAST in the wings.

Power on Soldiers, find your inner Convict!

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  1. And from there … MELBOURNE SAT APRIL 22 at the @CARAVAN CLUB with ADELAIDE AND GOLD COAST in the wings. well it’s the Melbourne gig by Train & just maybe & perhaps Gold Coast on the mighty GS500 bike from Tamworth, once I know the venue, be great for a dvd release of Mahagonny – Behind Innocent Eyes. as the looks great, & whilst looking for my inner convict, all i found was some broken dreams & pieces of a token heart….whilst wearing my mel torme tuxedo. Hmmn?
    Field Marshall fritze

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