Given how much people seem to enjoy audio-books and podcasts and how reluctant publishers are to publish short-stories, I thought I would try a brand new idea: each month or so I am going to publish an audio short-story, narrated by myself, that you will be able to download from a bunch of sites for less than a slice of cake. So you can have your coffee and a bit of Warner on the side and keep your weight down. See, healthy too. It is appropriate I mention coffee because my first venture into this new format is ‘Artspresso’ a thirty-minute story that reprises characters Rick Boski and Goose Gordon from my 2000 novel ‘Exxxpresso’.

Available as an E-Book on Amazon Kindle and I books

`Artspresso’ picks up Rick and Goose twenty years down the track where we left them. Both are now successful in their own way and have escaped their small-time criminal past. Or at least, had escaped it. A couple of bikers who were jailbirds with them have put the hard word on Goose to help them steal a valuable painting from a private home. Goose turns to Rick for help and Rick comes up with a plan that sounds sensible. But of course the best laid plans of mice and men …

`Artspresso’ is available through a number of e-distributors but the price varies. Google Play has it on offer for a couple of bucks. You can find here.

Tony Copper produced it for me and the story is light crime, a bit of fun in the style of Carl Hiaasen. It goes for 30 minutes.

Later this month I will be releasing my second audio-story `Cabin Pressure.’

This is more of a thriller. So stay tuned. Happy listening and reading.

Next Short Story – there’s a bomb on a plane and fifteen minutes to find it.

By the way, if you would like to download `Exxxpresso’ that 2000 novel you can find it here.

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