Million Miles From Home

December 8, 2015 0

An ode to travelling the world… and coming home Lyrics & Music © Dave Warner MILLION MILES FROM HOME I drained another pastis Searched in vain for an accomplice Pen poised above the postcard I […]

Warner Store Update

October 30, 2015 0

DAVE WARNER PRODUCTS AND PRIC ES All books are now out of print except for BEFORE IT BREAKS and CHARLOTTE AND THE STARLET kids’ series. City of Light and Before It Breaks are available on […]

2012 News

December 10, 2012 0

WARNER RETURNS TO PERTH IN JANUARY The Mandurah Summer of Music Concert has been postponed till 2016 but Dave Warner’s From the Suburbs will be celebrating all things Australian with a gig at THE CHARLES […]

Countdown Book

May 24, 2009 0

Well isn’t this ironic. Countdown in part wrecked my career and now it might be reviving it. I have been commissioned by ABC Books to “author” a book about Countdown. In fact, “author” is a […]

Countdown Book Review by Bruce Elder

May 7, 2009 0

COUNTDOWN THE WONDER YEARS 1974-87 By Dave Warner ABC Books, 224 pp, $35 When the ABC Enterprises juggernaut gets into gear it really knows how to bulldoze every millimetre of the possible market. There is […]

Update: October 2008

October 1, 2008 0

Thank you to the numerous fans who contacted me after hearing Suburban Boy on Channel 7’s Packed To The Rafters. Some of you didn’t realise that I also wrote that episode. In fact, I’ve been […]

The Bon Scott Celebration Concert

February 25, 2007 0

What a fantastic celebration the Bon Scott concert turned out to be. Around 12,000 people braved the vicious Perth heat to come hear some sledgehammer rock from the likes of Angry Anderson, The Angels, Alan […]

INTERVIEW: Big Bad Blood

January 1, 2007 4

Dave was interviewed by JAYNE MARGETTS The nouveau Mediterranean interior of The Deli Cafe on Melbourne’s prestigious Toorak Road is filled with an odd bric-a-brac of lunch time customers; some hold mobile phones to their ears, faces […]

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