Before it Breaks win Ned Kelly Award for best crime novel!

Dave after awards ceremony and a nice dinner
Dave after the awards ceremony and dinner with friends

From The Age newspaper:

Winning the Ned for best novel for Before it Breaks represents a return to the fold for Dave Warner. The last of his six previous crime novels, eXXXpresso, appeared in 2000 since when the writer and musician has been working for the big and small screens.

The Award
The Ned Kelly Award

“If you’re doing feature films you can still find time to do novel writing, but with TV it was not possible; it’s such an all-consuming beast. I had three years when I plotted virtually every episode of Rescue Special Ops and it’s really draining.”

But for one reason or another the television work dried up and Warner could return to crime fiction and making music – his band the Suburbs is recording its first album in 35 years – the two thing he loves most.

He said going back to fiction was as if he’d been playing badminton and someone had called him in to play tennis on a grass court.

“Three years on with no money changes the idea somewhat about what is a great idea or not. But it has freed me up again to pursue things much more creatively.”

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  1. andre fritze AUGUST 29, 2016 AT 8:18 AM
    well congratulations on winning the Ned kelly award, I really hope that a movie is made of it as it does have, movie, movie, movie written (sic) all over it.
    also looking forward to new suburbs cd, but really ‘good on you ‘ for winning the award – ha! – did notice the dedication to Nicole-‘shelter from the storm’ not only apt for the title but the unseen support to the man behind the word processor – right?

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