First mention of my new novel yesterday in the West in a review of Fremantle Press’ short story collection WHITE KNUCKLE RIDE and it was a good one so hope this is indicative of readers’ reaction to the whole novel when published in June.DSC_0417 The draft title for the novel was Waiting for the Cyclone – hence some confusion.

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  1. Good Morning Dave
    I noticed you in the Manly Daily today. Would you be free to do a talk to out Probus Club one Wednesday morning. They love local authors and often buy copies of their books on the day,

    • I would be more than happy to Jenny. The book is not out till June 1 and will be available paperback and e-book. So sometime after that would be good – perhaps late June or early July. Where do you meet? I’m in Balgowlah. Thanks Jenny

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