Bicton Breezes

I wrote the song in Brixton in 1976 and it was pivotal in my whole concept of Dave Warner’s from the Suburbs – a band that was going to play all sorts of musical styles that were held together not so much by one dominant musical trademark (like twin guitars or funk etc) but by the conceptual nature of the music being by, about, for, the neglected suburban heartland – those of us who didn’t get a chance to run through subway stations. I have made this You Tube video clip by pairing the song with original family home movies shot in the early 60s. You can see our hold house in some of the shots from the Islander ferry on the way to Rottnest. Click here to watch the video.

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  1. thanks Dave, great idea of the clip & music together well remember this @ the civic & vic hotels …”& if there’s one thing I learnt there is always be what you ain’t” …still a great line, goes with the tune.
    the field marshal Fritze.

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