IMG_1594The situation of Cardinal George Pell having to confront former Church sex-crimes is eerily familiar to the plot line of my most complex crime novel Big Bad Blood.  (It’s also my favourite of all my novels) Set in the 60s in the world of Kings Cross, SP bookmakers, Transgender sex and murder, Big Bad Blood hit harder and earlier than the more publicised The Broken Shore. Really it is Tony Locket compared to Stephen Milne – if you like Shore you’ll love Blood.

Not that you can purchase it at the moment – it is out of print and I’ve sold the last of my stash. However the rights have reverted to me and hopefully I’ll get it up as an e-book or re-publish in the near future.

In the meantime, if you love hard boiled crime noire, scour second hand shops or try and borrow a copy.  By the way my website is back up at and we’ve sorted out the kinks in the Pay Pal purchase so if you want cds or t-shirts you find them there.

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    • That might be City of Light you’re thinking of Weddo – (Big Bad Blood is purely Sydney)Re City of Light I didn’t do specific research just cobbled together hearsay, rumours and a couple of discretely given bits of info that apparently may have been quite close to the mark on some scores. But it is fiction in the Ellroy style of taking significant events and shaping my own story around them

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