Not many people – even Suburbs fans – know that much about Surplus and Dearth, produced by Martin Cilia with songs by Martin, Greg Macainsh and me.

This is one of the songs from it – frankly, I think one of my best hard rock songs right up there with Joey Black and Old Stock Rd. It’s hard, sexual, visceral.

Here is a video of it in a rare 90s Suburbs performance at Annandale Hotel, Sydney 1996. Recorded on my (then) brand new Panasonic video camera. A great gig which also launched the book of Australian short stories I edited – GREAT AUSTRALIAN BITES with stories by such diverse luminaries as Bruce Beresford, Ric Kane and Paul Dempsey.   The band for the night included the late great Johnny Leopard, Tony Durant, Martin Cilia, Lloyd Gyi, Mark Merton with special guest appearances by Kevin Borich and Nicole Warner.



I’ve got this big bad sexual drive

It might be wrong but I feel alive

And it’s a big bad sexual drive

Now I don’t know if it’s politically right

But I have these thoughts in the middle of the night

Naked girls some are black

And that’s a big bad actual fact

I got this big bad sexual drive

Lead break 8 bars

My oh my what ecstasy

Melt the walls and come with me

Floating where there is no pain

All my demons have been slain


Well I had a visit from the thought police

And they showed me what was wrong with this

Now I no longer feel alive

I got this nice clean asexual drive

I had this big bad sexual drive

Made me glad just being alive

And now I’d feel I’d rather die

If I can’t have my big bad sexual drive

I got this big bad sexual drive

I got this … (Big Bad) … sexual drive

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