Going through some old files I found material from the stand-up stuff Johnny Ryan and I did in the early 80s. Here’s a sample.

Q: Which piece of attire would not be found on a true bogan?
A: Black t-shirt
B: White belt
C: Ripped sneakers
D: Crucifix earring

ANS: A – the black t-shirt would have already been ripped off in a fight.

Q: Which sticker would be out of place on a bogan car?
A: Baby on Board
B: Angels Rule
C: Oils Rule
D: INXS Rule

Ans: Not A – one of your bogan mates would have put that on for a joke, D: Michael Hutchence’s skin’s too good.

Q: Where would a bogan prefer to go on a night out?
A: McDonalds
B: Rollerskating
C: Speedway
D: The Opera

Ans A: Spider’s having his 21st there

Q: Which film star is the bogan favourite?
A: Arnold Schwartzenagger
B: Charles Brosnan
C: Chuck Norris
D: Rachel Ward

Ans: D – we’re not poofters and who wouldn’t want to go to bed with Brian Brown

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  1. laugh out loud, say general fritze, just as bogan hunters ends, also when does the new novel come out & what’s the title, in my minds eye can see leopard with his bemused look, ……………..vale leopard.

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