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Sometimes in my brain the link between a book I write and a piece of music is incredibly strong. The strongest was this year when I wrote the song No Good Can Come From This after hearing it in my head as I wrote a passage in River of Salt. I recorded the song and encourage any of you who are reading or who have read the book to listen to the song. It goes with p 33. You can find the song on Spotify or download it for about a dollar (CD Baby).

The reverse happened with Before It Breaks. Set in Broome I wanted the oppressive atmosphere from my track Waiting For The Cyclone. Again, it is available on Spotify to stream or you can download. Sit back, have a cool drink, read a few pages with the song in the background.

Waiting For The Cyclone was on this. Preceded This Is Australia and Cattle And Cain in its brooding tension but you never hear that in any Aus rock history .

There is nothing specific for City of Light but I reckon Old Stock Rd might be a good match. Any other suggestions from somebody who has read or heard both? Old Stock Rd can be found on Spotify, downloaded individually or from the album Free Kicks. Exxxpresso likewise, no specific match but Rick’s obsession with his Ex Marietta is close to Craig Nelson from my play The King and Me and his obsession with his Ex. On the soundtrack album of The King and Me is a track I Don’t Need You Now. You can order the CD from my website. It’s not expensive. I’m thinking of recording the whole play as an audio book so stay tuned.

CD available from

Anyway, the link between prose and music can be fun to explore – try it sometime.

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  1. For people who don’t read books, let’s take Correct Planet cd for example. Well most of your songs are little stories-‘vignettes’- going through the topical- Refugee song- the nostalgic-john arlott …-the yearning-million miles …-& for me the sheer joy of just being alive & driving!-north of the equator – the cinematic sweep of -Bicton vs Brooklyn–the sexual playfulness of -sex object- counterbalanced by the sexual politics of-love is not a nice weapon- all set to great music &….well all these & more could be a thesis for another day. Or a book of Lyrics. Not forgetting your 2 previous LP’s & all the other unrecorded Gems. Still working out the Christmas song but enjoying it immensely & wishing it its rightful place in the scheme of things like tv series/movies& christmas singalongs on tv…
    The Field Marshal fritze – (-gushing so-)

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