River of Salt

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1961, Philadelphia. After having to give up his brother to save his own life, hitman Blake Saunders flees the Mob and seeks refuge on the other side of the world. Two years later he has been reborn in a tiny coastal Australian town. The ghosts of the past still haunt him, but otherwise Coral Shoals is paradise. Blake surfs, and plays guitar in his own bar, the Surf Shack. But then the body of a young woman is found at a local motel, and evidence links her to the Surf Shack. When Blake’s friend is arrested, and the local sergeant doesn’t want to know, it becomes clear to Blake – who knows a thing or two about murder – that the only way to protect his paradise is to find the killer.

River of Salt by Dave Warner


‘Dave Warner captures the heyday and spirit of the surf music scene perfectly. This is a pitch-perfect crime thriller of epic twists and turns.’ Jim Skiathitis, composer, guitarist,
The Atlantics

‘Part Goodfellas and part love letter to Australian coastal towns, this wonderfully imagined crime novel is like riding the perfect wave.’ Michael Robotham

‘Warner’s is a densely written book, redolent with sun, sand and surf, informed about music and full of engaging, well-drawn characters and local activities that form a disarming background to a classically convoluted murder investigation.’ Adelaide Advertiser

‘The strength of River of Salt is definitely in the idea of a stranger in a strange land, back in the days when communications weren’t instant, and people could reinvent themselves to some extent. It’s exploring just how far you can go with that idea, and how much of the old you will never go away.’ AustCrime

‘River of Salt, is a complex yet accessible tale that takes its time with characters and details … Beyond the book’s convincing action and romance beats, [Warner] explores well beneath the surface of a varied cast of characters.’ Books+Publishing