kingmecdcoverAfter a lot of languish, my website at is finally back up and well … not running fluently yet but at least managing a reasonable jog. There’s still some teething problems especially in the STORE section and I apologise to those of you who have had difficulty ordering or found it a bit complicated and frustrating having to log in when you want to buy something etcetera. Hopefully it will become a lot simpler soon but please bear with me. I hope to have presently a two stream shop where you can buy online via Pay Pal in US dollars or print out an order form and pay using Australian cheque or money order via snail mail.  The prices will be pretty much the same using either method  – $25 Aus or $19 US for one of the double CDs and T-Shirts, $20 Aus/$14 US for the BRAND NEW King and Me CD, and $15 for Free Kicks and most of the DVDs.  In the meantime if you are interested in any of these chunks of Aus history, don’t abandon me – I am in the process of planning and recording the first new Dave Warner’s From The Suburbs album in 25 years  and I need every buck I can get from what’s already out there.

So if you want Correct Planet, Mugs Game, Free Kicks, or a CD replacement for those old clear cassette tapes of the Suburbs live in 1978 I suggest you go to or search tictail for Dave Warner items. You can buy online quite easily and send me a message as to who you want things dedicated to, I’ll be happy to oblige.   You can also order Correct Planet and Free Kicks from CD BABY.  Alternately if you would like to pay using cheque or a postal note, just drop me a line at [email protected] with what product you are interested in and I can give you a run-down of the cost and how I can get it to you. I know it’s a little more time consuming than just clicking a button but I always love to hear from those of you with fond memories of great old gigs, or queries as to what song Sandra appeared in etc.

For those of you who like to download or just want a single track – Convict Streak, Half Time at The Football, Mugs Game and so on – many of them are now available on I-Tunes.

And for those who like bricks and mortar shopping: in Sydney RED-EYE RECORDS in York St has Warner stock, and ABBEYS BOOKSHOP which is almost next door stocks my novel Before It Breaks.  In Perth Dada Records in Murray St usually has stock.  Before It Breaks is available in all good bookstores.

I thank you all for your continued support, the last twelve months I’ve done more live shows than in the previous three years and enjoyed meeting you personally, once the album is done I’ll be back on the road again.

“It’s STILL a Mug’s Game” Dave Warner




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