Countdown Book

May 24, 2009 0

Well isn’t this ironic. Countdown in part wrecked my career and now it might be reviving it. I have been commissioned by ABC Books to “author” a book about Countdown. In fact, “author” is a […]

Update: October 2008

October 1, 2008 0

Thank you to the numerous fans who contacted me after hearing Suburban Boy on Channel 7’s Packed To The Rafters. Some of you didn’t realise that I also wrote that episode. In fact, I’ve been […]

The Bon Scott Celebration Concert

February 25, 2007 0

What a fantastic celebration the Bon Scott concert turned out to be. Around 12,000 people braved the vicious Perth heat to come hear some sledgehammer rock from the likes of Angry Anderson, The Angels, Alan […]

2006 News Updates

December 6, 2006 0

2006 NEWS UPDATES:: The double CD Suburbs In The 70s has now sold out. Suburban Soldiers can still enjoy the Suburbs experience through the DVD, which features all the original Suburbs film clips as well […]

INXS review

December 6, 2006 0

NEW SENSATION:: INXS AT THE HOUSE OF BLUES, HOLLYWOOD DON’T EXPECT this review to be even handed. I’ve known the INXS guys since their days as The Farriss Brothers in Perth where they played every Thursday […]

Update: October 2006

October 1, 2006 0

Hi Gang Hopefully all you suburban soldiers are doing well as we enter the final quarter of 2006. Here’s the news from this end. GIGS I’m grateful to receive so many queries about whether we […]

Counting Down The Best Of Aussie Music

September 28, 2006 0

COUNTING DOWN THE BEST OF AUSSIE MUSIC Mark Holden, Australian Idol judge and music industry heavyweight will join Rob Weekes — creator of legendary Australian music show Countdown — Dylan Lewis (ABC’s Recovery) and Julia […]

2005 News Updates

December 1, 2005 0

DVD OUT NOW :: COUNTDOWN BOOK :: SONG DOWNLOADS LIVE AT THE CIVIC :: DVD OUT NOW :: ORDER YOURS TODAY!!! The DVD of the 2nd annual Boxing Day gig at The Civic Hotel is […]

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