November 28, 2016 0

PERTH COMMUNITY CHANNEL 44 shot and compiled this very fine special on my music of 40 years centred around my recent Charles Hotel gig. Thank you Angela Albuquerque, Bob Gordon, John Rapsey and your team […]

Countdown Book Review by Bruce Elder

May 7, 2009 0

COUNTDOWN THE WONDER YEARS 1974-87 By Dave Warner ABC Books, 224 pp, $35 When the ABC Enterprises juggernaut gets into gear it really knows how to bulldoze every millimetre of the possible market. There is […]

INTERVIEW: Big Bad Blood

January 1, 2007 4

Dave was interviewed by JAYNE MARGETTS The nouveau Mediterranean interior of The Deli Cafe on Melbourne’s prestigious Toorak Road is filled with an odd bric-a-brac of lunch time customers; some hold mobile phones to their ears, faces […]

REVIEW: Big Bad Blood

January 1, 2007 0

Reviewed by JAYNE MARGETTS Corruption. A loaded barrel cocked. Cops on the take. Rookies looking for openings. The Beatles and the ’60s. Hookers doing the business. “Bathtubs with out of tune blondes”. Pornography. Narcotics. Kings Cross. Mutilated […]

Sydney Morning Herald: A Cut Above The Burbs

March 3, 2000 0

DAVE WARNER, comfortably padded father of two, qualified psychologist, author of novels and screenplays, is reflecting on an earlier period of his life, when he wore black all the time and was known as the […]

Sydney Morning Herald: Slash of the Titans

February 7, 2000 0

Like an unstoppable villain, the teen horror flick just keeps rising from the dead. STUART O’CONNOR chronicles its bloody history. Slasher films: to some people, they’re almost the best fun you can have with the […]

The Sydney Morning Herald Metro: Making The Cut

February 1, 2000 0

This article first appeared in the METRO section of The Sydney Morning Herald in February 2000 MAKING THE CUT With his first feature film, Kimble Rendall hopes to snag the very audience his protagonist slices […]

Sydney Morning Herald: Exxxpresso

January 22, 2000 0

At last, a touch of Carl Hiaasen’s crazy brilliance in Australia, from former ”Suburban Boy” Warner. Reformed crim Rick Boski plans to serve coffee instead of time, but to open a cafe featuring the sublime […]

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