The Unusual Suspects – Episode 1

January 1, 2001 0

A CONSPIRACY to destroy Federation and replace the new Australian government with a dictatorship. That’s the theme of a new serial created by DAVE WARNER and The Sydney Morning Herald writer DAVID DALE. Over the […]

The Unusual Suspects – Episode 8

January 1, 2000 0

EPISODE EIGHT:: Dr Thompson said Lane’s explanation sounded scurrilous but Victor Trumper confirmed that his fellow cricketers often took to corsets and stockings in the name of fundraising. Tom Roberts told us to arrest Lane […]

The Unusual Suspects – Episode 9

January 1, 2000 0

EPISODE NINE:: The next day, New Year’s Eve, Victor, Stella and I descended on Sydney Station at Redfern, in search of the ticket inspector who had been on duty on that train. We soon learned […]

The Unusual Suspects – Episode 6

January 1, 2000 0

EPISODE SIX:: “Cannot Lt Kelso simply go to the newspaper himself and recount what he saw at the meeting?” I asked. Trumper explained why he could not. Two nights earlier, just after he had delivered […]

The Unusual Suspects – Episode 7

January 1, 2000 0

EPISODE SEVEN:: It was five days before we were able to assemble the suspects. I must claim credit for the deception that accomplished this. We sent invitations to each of the people who had shared […]

The Unusual Suspects – Episode 5

January 1, 2000 0

EPISODE FIVE:: With the evidence in his hands, Kelso had found himself on the horns of a dilemma. To whom could he report the conspiracy he had unearthed? Both the military and the police had […]

The Unusual Suspects – Episode 2

January 1, 2000 0

EPISODE TWO:: Before I began accusing important people of a base deed, I sought to establish that there could be no other explanation for the letter’s disappearance. I guided Miss Franklin out of the arcade […]

The Unusual Suspects – Episode 3

January 1, 2000 0

EPISODE THREE:: It was with a sense of defeat that I waited for Miss Franklin at our agreed rendezvous in Robertson’s book store in George Street, aimlessly flipping through The Sydney Morning Herald. It seemed […]

The Unusual Suspects – Episode 4

January 1, 2000 0

EPISODE FOUR:: “Victor, leave him alone.” It was Miss Franklin. Trumper’s fist froze. I managed to gasp through his grip on my throat: “Do you mean to say, Miss Franklin, that Victor Trumper is your […]

The Unusual Suspects – Episode 11

January 1, 2000 0

THE STORY SO FAR: It’s New Year’s Day, 1901. Our narrator, Charles Bennett, and his friends Victor Trumper and Stella (Miles) Franklin have learnt of a plot to destroy Federation by assassinating a top politician, […]

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