April 22, 2018 1

I can’t celebrate Anzac Day without conjuring up my old pal, the late Johnny Leopard who would have turned 65 this ANZAC DAY – a birthday he shared with my grandmother. Johnny and I had […]

Little Big Man

January 1, 2005 0

I had planned to do this article many times over the past three years or so. The only difference is that it was to be called Pick On The Little Guy. The article was to […]

Albany Talk

September 6, 2004 0

ALBANY TALK by DAVE WARNER NEWS FROM COW CROSSING #2 Dear Cousin, Well have I got news for you! It’s been a remarkable week. Ced Lugan bought an on-road vehicle, and now everybody is following […]

The Unusual Suspects – Episode 1

January 1, 2001 0

A CONSPIRACY to destroy Federation and replace the new Australian government with a dictatorship. That’s the theme of a new serial created by DAVE WARNER and The Sydney Morning Herald writer DAVID DALE. Over the […]

Crime Writers’ Gossip

June 6, 2000 0

CRIME WRITERS’ GOSSIP Dave writes about his experiences at the 2000 Perth Writers’ Festival For me, the Perth Writers’ Festival was going to be not just a literary experience but a Chevvy Chase one. My […]

The Dream Team

April 1, 2000 0

[pullquote] DAVE’S LEGENDS XI K. Eastwood W. Phillips J. Dyson R. Park T. Groube D. Wellham T. Vievers R. Bright (C) D. Sincock T. Dell S. Gannon J. McLaren (12th) [/pullquote] What a lack of […]

Sydney Morning Herald: A Cut Above The Burbs

March 3, 2000 0

DAVE WARNER, comfortably padded father of two, qualified psychologist, author of novels and screenplays, is reflecting on an earlier period of his life, when he wore black all the time and was known as the […]


February 1, 2000 0

My own father was 46 when I was born, the second and last of his two children. Perhaps that is why I felt no urgency to become a father myself. When I hit 40, however, […]


February 1, 2000 0

Dave grew up in the suburbs of Perth, and he now lives in Sydney, but he’s still just a suburban boy at heart. MY FIRST experience of Manly was circa 1979 when my band, Dave […]

A Case of Construction

January 1, 2000 0

THERE is nothing worse than doing a “watch” for Bangers Gabbadini unless it is doing a watch for Bangers Gabbadini in February, next to the garbage dumpster at the Sebel Townhouse when it is 30-plus […]

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