Here’s one of my favourite little songs I wrote in Brixton circa 1976 when I would dine at the Hot Pot restaurants.  We played this a lot on the early days and Leopard would crack me up with his Chinese tippy-toes.


China town, I’ve never been to China Town

But I guess the rain is pretty much the same

As Picadilly Circus when you’re drained

All stood up I ate alone My coffee cup

Was painted like a Chinese gown

Made me think of China town through strands of minestrone guzzled down.

Not done yet I paced about

All the clubs I stood without dignity then vanished in the train

I suppose the tramps in China town wear similar clothes

To those that hang around the nearest underground

During showers that come pissing down

 All washed up I drank too much to forget the yearning crotch

Then I spewed myself disgust up and the finish of the dust up

With the train conductor wearing stripes

And strands of minestrone in his moustache.

3 Comments on CHINA TOWN

  1. And how close was that written to…

    “I drained another pastis
    Searched in vain for an accomplice
    Pen poised above the postcard
    I didn’t think writing back would be this hard”

  2. ah boy, I remember this one, this too was a favorite of hans fairhurst as well as vingetts, bicton brezzes & the one with the father confessing ” I must confess I brought sister a dress…” what about the lyrics to vingetts & bicton brezzes including a summary?
    leopard would bring the house down when you told the story before ra ra rasputian when you would leave the opening for him to make the noise p**f! as the fairy waved her wand to grant the wish & that bloke who would always yell out…. ta! ( & he was not saying thank you?), mr cinzano on the drums there …..pikerskill on bass, dennison winding up the clock & putting it on top of the upright piano ……
    not forgetting
    lone lonely sailor just like any albert finney, with my hair greased back just like any lawrence harvey
    Lone lonly sailor just like anyother, Im rock of the blackwall reach, (reach) I won,t meet any elizabeth taylor, I wont be the groom to princess caroline I don’t even have a saturday night tramp to call mine… its not in order that lyric

    masachoist was a favorite of anthoony bridge & last for now
    rock stars lament , coming to the end of a deep dive i forgot to take my breath & I cant swim back , called out once or twice but my words got lost in heaps of kelp, they say there were some bubles then the line went slack…
    & I should have stayed a rock star, rock stars don’t crack up, it/s in the contract with the six pack thrown in for luck,& I should have stayed a launatic & a faithfull lover too, but most of all I think my friends i should have stayed with you, cos it’s plain that I was wrong & I never should have left the comfort of this place that I belong now I find that I’M behind the line I stated from the only thing I learnt is that true/two? failures can’t get on…( or something like that?)
    then leopard giyuar solo wailing out lonliness with dennison piano lifting up you wringing tescio out ah boy – i”m 22again
    @ the library on the computer there time warning light on plus got to pick up my 2 boys from school so…..
    general fritze!

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