Convict Streak

By an Australian, for Australians, in search of our culture...

ConvictDaveMaybe it’s because of our Convict Streak
We wanna fight everyone we meet
Anzac Day is our day of the year
We march our march, we drink our beer

We don’t like Slopes, we don’t like Yanks
I’d personally like to blow up
every Commie tank
We’re only few but we fought in ‘Nam
Packed our guns alongside Uncle Sam
Ask any of us, it were no sin
The only crime was that we didn’t win

And … The Poms are weak as piss
The French are queer
The Germans are wankers,
but they make good beer
Don’t criticise what you don’t understand
If you think I’m talking shit
you don’t belong in this land

I’m Australian, we all are
We watch the telly and we drive our car
But don’t you ever SAY WE’RE WEAK
Or you’ll learn all about our Convict Streak

The world began with Adam and Eve
But Australia started at Gallipolli
Our fathers put the Desert into Desert Rats
Their uncles slipped the boot in,
up in Lambing Flats

Don’t criticise what you don’t understand
It’s not that we’re behind the times,
we’re in a different land
We might be slobs but WE’RE NOT WEAK
Maybe it’s because of our Convict Streak


I’m Australian, so are you
It doesn’t matter if you’re Ding or Jew
Just remember, while you’re here
You march our march and you drink our beer

Lyrics © Dave Warner

9 Comments on Convict Streak

  1. Should be our anthem ! Lol
    Politically incorrect these days !
    Bloody brilliant Dave !
    Thanks for the wonderful memories of days past when people had a sense of humour.

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