My double album Correct Planet – a combination of the 1979 Correct Weight (Joey Black, Wimbledon, Cabaretta, Spooks in the Dark et al) and the 1981 This Is My Planet (Car Park, Kookaburra Girl, Buried in my own Back Yard plus extra tracks) will soon be available in album and individual track format on digital download. For those who prefer a hard copy you can order via Tictail, CD Baby or buy at good shops like Redye (Sydney) and Dada (Perth).

Some damn fine music. Tracks like Million Miles From Home and North of the Equator were planned on the living room floor of the North Hollywood apartment of the late and legendary Kim Fowley who brought us everything from Alley Oop to the Runaways.

Refugee Song and Joey Black are as relevant today as they were 36 years ago. “And your pleas can’t squeeze into conversations by the fire, of the well fed Friday night crew who will argue who should play full back” Refugee Song.

“These streets aren’t safe for violence any more, they stink of lawyer’s dope that’s hidden in the floor” Joey Black .

All proceeds will go to my next album currently in slow progress. Correct_Planet_cover.

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