Countdown Book Review by Bruce Elder


By Dave Warner
ABC Books, 224 pp, $35

When the ABC Enterprises juggernaut gets into gear it really knows how to bulldoze every millimetre of the possible market.

There is the Countdown double CD package, the DVD, the coming live concert series, the audio of Molly Meldrum’s interviews (a real necessity, that one!) and the book — and all are being advertised on TV.

The DVD is just funny. The CD is an interesting package. And this, the book, is a clever piece of nostalgia from a gifted crime writer who, in the manifestation of the band Dave Warner’s From the Suburbs, actually appeared on the show.

Warner is a clever writer and perceptive social commentator. Most of the text is a celebration of the show’s quirkiness (that is, lots of anecdotes about mayhem and general hilarity), but there are intelligent and pithy essays on the unique success of the Australian program – which, in its day, was the single most influential pop and rock music TV program in the world.
Review by Bruce Elder

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