My show for Perth fringe The King and Me draws ever closer.  My co-star Caitlin-Beresford Ord is a gifted actor belting the tunes of myself and Martin Cilia to the wicked guitar of Sam Musca. Martin is going to join us for the first two shows  (Feb 17-18) and the last (Sun Feb22).  I had no idea how huge the Fringe festival is these days. It is absolutely buzzing all over the city and out in the satellite centres too. I’ve already seen some terrific shows: SEX IDIOT and PROMISE AND PROMISCUITY standouts but lots of great stuff including a mind-reading hot-dog and Michael Burke’s little tent show.

Last time I participated was as a writer of BOYS GOTTA BOND back in the 90s. By the way, that was a bloody good show with Brian Megan, Andrew Lewis and John Negroponte, but the festival then was a few little events dotted around with little or no publicity. You will hear us live by the way on Geoff Hutchinson’s ABC show around 10.15 on Friday 13 should you be in WA.

Meanwhile we’re gearing up for our show at the Caravan Club in Melbourne Sun March 8.  This is an early show with a free sausage provided to help get into the spirit of home bred rock.  The band is comprised  of members or former members of Skyhooks, Mental As Anything, Perry Keayes, Fuchsia (Greg Macainsh , Tony Durant, Lloyd Gyi) so please join us, might be the only gig I get to do in the great southern city this year.

If you are a Sydneysider please join us at the Django Bar, Marrickville Mar 12. I’ll be doing one of my shows that incorporates performance poems and live readings.


  1. Hey Dave heard you on the ABC this morning, good songs mate although our connection dropped out at the end of the second one, couldn’t put my finger on it then but could i detect, The ladies of the court of King Caracticus somewhere there. Last time we saw you was at EFFC a few years ago, spewing we missed the Charles Hotel, you were always our favourite live band around town. One of the best shows was a Sunday session at The Booragoon, I think, it was a ripper arvo.
    Good luck with your shows,
    The Wrangas.

  2. The show was great last night but even better is my new (old) double CD which really takes me back. I was only 18, mostly partying , dancing, flirting but as I listen again (and I seem to know all the words) I realise how political your songs were. I always knew the lyrics were clever and funny but many of the descriptions of what was happening in our world relate to the present situation. So not much has changed, other than we are older. Thanks DW from Thelma

    • Thelma it was really great to reacquaint and I’m very pleased you enjoyed that show and are having fun with the music. In May I’m going to do a return of the Suburbs with some of the original guys too if it all works out – if you have any photos of that era (doesn’t have to be my band but other Perth bands/gigs would be good) please email to [email protected]

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