1. great write up Dave, insightful & informative.
    as I’m not on Facebook, as per your song; I reply via this; why don’t you put your left over t-shirts in frames sign them & action them off online for some cause??? or as collectors piece of art?
    I have done this with one of them, photo to follow, & it is a conversation starter.
    just an idea, looking forward to the new novel:RIVER OF SALT that is being edited and will come out 2019 (Fremantle Press) It is set 1963 on the east coast of Aus. A young (reluctant) Philly hit-man escapes his life, comes to Australia to start a new life playing surf guitar in his own bar. When a woman is murdered who attended the bar he has to solve the case or risk exposure.
    sounds great.
    field marshal fritze, ….. dancing to your version of ‘reggae got soul’

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