Hi all – Dave’s WA Demolition is almost here (Sat Hotel Charles) so for those planning to come here’s some basic info:   Kick-Off  8.30 pm approx. with line-up of Phil Bailey, Lloyd Gyi, Tony Durant and myself – songs will include some rare gems like Spooks in the Dark.    Next line-up will feature early-Suburbs songs like Bicton Breezes. Haydn aka Scapa Flow is promising the sleeveless red shirt and John Dennison will join too.   Then comes a bracket of Pus songs with Dick Haynes doing his brilliant best, culminating in an almighty Throbbing Knob.  Finally we call up Howie Johnstone and power through some of those hard rocking classics like Yella in Me, Kangaroo Hop and Joey Black.   A very special Mugs Game will finish. Tickets are via Ticket Master or the Charles Hotel.

For those attending the book launch at 11 am Orient Hotel, see you there – we will do a couple of acoustic style numbers and I’ll read a little bit from Before It Breaks.

While I will attend the Derby on Monday and likely perform a song post-match with the Dice Men it is only one song.  Until then ….

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  1. ah yes, scarpa flow & the Orange sleeveless shirt, the one mien self tore off him & his last gig & the Shents, & threw to the crowd, the girls went crazy, it was a far more innocent time, as i recall, mien self sewed a orange patch on the Bicton Records t shirt & wore it proudly,what was I thinking? my great regret was not having the $ to fly to perth, (great Warner song there, lyrics post?) & rage on-loud & clear, am sure the night was great too, the book will be a poor second prize to last night but a great read none the less, a sad, dejected& impoverished general Fritze indeed.

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