Thank you all who made The Charles Hotel gig such a great success. Bob and Sue Howard and Dave Martin, all the highest rank of Blue Badge Generals led the mass break-out.  They were supported by Tom West and many south-of-the River convicts, plus the Mt Lawley Footy Club boys, John Oliver, and other die-hard soldiers from as far afield as Darwin and Adelaide. The band was superb with Howie Johnstone returning to kick arse on Joey Black and Strange Night. Original Suburb Haydn Pickersgill bobbed and dipped to the sound of Throbbing Knob.  The management and staff were also wonderful.  Next cab off the rank is my two hander musical THE KING AND ME at the Velvet Lounge Beaufort St Mt Lawley, 9.30 to 10.40 FEB 17 to 22. please note the printed fringe festival program has the dates wrong and the time askew, however  it is correct info on the website for bookings.  I’ll be co-starring with Caitlin Beresford-Ord to the guitar of Sam Musca. Martin Cilia may play also on the opening two nights.

Then Sunday March 8 The Suburbs are in Melbourne for the Caravan Club with the same band as Perth except that Greg Macainsh will play bass.  Thursday March 12 it is the Django Bar in Marrickville, Sydney for a more acoustic version although Lloyd Gyi is coming down to add a little snare and Martin Cilia may also join with guitar to complement Bill Beare and Tony Durant.

If you make any of these shows, please come and say hello.


  1. Missed this one Dave but who knows what can happen in the future, it’s a mugs game that’s for sure catching shows.Have a great Australia Day and success with The King and Me 🙂

    • Yes Pat you were a notable absentee but I cannot complain because you’ve been a staunch supporter. Turn up Rory loud my friend. Still recall playing Kinks Bald Headed Woman in your loungeroom with Ian back in the day when East Perth were a real footy team!

  2. To Dave and the band the Charles gig was brilliant, I would like to thank you for your dedication of a song to my great mate mavis up in Darwin. It’s with great sadness that I tell that he passed away on that Friday night. He would have been over the moon to no that you did this for him and I’m pretty sure that one of your songs will be playing when we say goodbye. Once again thanks and keep on kicking your a legend

    • Terry it was very moving to be given the opportunity to show a little love and respect for Mavis and people like him and yourself who support me through thick and thin. Thank you so much for the compliment about the show, I was really happy with how we played and hope you make it for the next one too. Perhaps Mavis and Johnny Leopard are knocking back a couple of coldies on the road to valhalla

  3. Thanks Dave,Both East Perth and East Freo were indeed real teams back then and i too recall your visits to 49 Milne st Bicton and one memorable band practise in our garage which rocked the street!!!!

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