Dave Warner for Perth Fringe with new musical THE KING AND ME FEB17-22

KINGANDME THE KING AND ME    a musical comedy by Dave Warner   Writer: Dave Warner. Composers: Dave Warner and Martin Cilia.  Director: Emily McLean. Cast: Caitlin Beresford-Ord and Dave Warner Musician Sam Musca Venue: The Velvet Lounge – Beaufort St, Mt Lawley.   Feb 17-22, 9.30pm. Runtime: 65 mins.     Perth’s legendary Suburban Boy, Dave Warner, returns to his hometown to perform in his musical comedy The King and Me.   Warner wrote the book and co-wrote ten original songs with long-term collaborator Martin Cilia (The Atlantics). “Imagine if, in your darkest hour, Elvis Presley turned up at your door and helped you believe in yourself. That’s the core of The King and Me,” says Warner. The genesis of the play came when Dave’s friend, the actor Shane McNamara, asked him to write a piece in which he could perform Elvis songs.  Dave and Shane had worked together in Dave’s first musicals Sixties and All That Pop and Planet Pres. “Shane does a wonderful Sad-Sack, middle-aged loser, so I developed a character (Craig) who’s a cabaret performer going nowhere except down. Yet he still loves music; some part of him still burns to be a performer and a creator like his idol Elvis Presley.” One night, a mysterious woman turns up at Craig’s door saying she can help him win the high-profile King of Kings “Soul of Elvis” competition and reclaim his life. But there’s much more to the young woman than Craig could possibly imagine. “At its heart, The King and Me is a story about performers and creators, the threat of losing self-belief all artists face, and their need to persist.” Unfortunately, McNamara was refused permission to use any Elvis material and the show was strangled in its crib, but recently Warner realised how much he liked the story and its theme, and decided to re-write The King and Me using all original songs. “Some were country-rock songs Martin and I had already written that suited the tone of the show, and we wrote another four specifically for the show.” When McNamara could not perform the Perth season Warner decided to play the role himself. “It will be a challenge for me simply to remember the dialogue, but our director Emily Mclean is a genius, and she’ll come up with something if I blow it!  Really, I just love this little play, and hope everyone else does,” he says. It is a return to a medium Warner loves.  After fifteen years behind the scenes writing feature film and TV – his most recent projects were the INXS telemovie Never Tear Us Apart and the docu-drama miniseries Westbrook – Warner has a new crime novel out in June, is back performing with his band, and now is bringing this stage show to Fringe World. “It’s like 1999 all over again,” he says.  “Writing TV and films is great but I missed performing live. You’re so anonymous back there and I love an audience.”

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  1. Good on you Dave,, This is known as making the best of a bad situation, by you taking on the role, & I was figuring if I can go from tamworth to Sydney or melbourne to listen to the songs one more time, & enjoy myself too, well then I can attend the marracville gig, catch a plane to Perth, catch up with the king & I , great pun by the way, catch up with whoever in Perth & then the melbourne/oakleigh gigs – well I should be al warn (er -ed) out for 2015?

    Will make it a solid upon confirmation of air ticket -accomadation? Sorted!

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