Believe me when I say I am excited to be getting ready for this very special Perth gig.  Last night Tony Durant, John Dennison and I got together to lay the foundations for the “early suburbs” set.  John is a brilliant keyboard player and it brought a chill up the spine hearing him working over the keys on Eve of Destruction, African Summer, Nothing to Lose, 1930s Depression and so on.  It must be close on thirty-five years since I’ve played Bicton Breezes but there was John cranking out the horn sounds on his synth.  The Suburbs always had a rich layer of keyboard work and it will be fantastic to have that texture back.  John isn’t the only early Suburb returning. Haydn Pickersgill, original Suburbs bass player who was invaluable in the arrangements of the early Suburbs and integral to our success is also back, so too Howie Johnstone who drummed on the first four of my albums.  The night will feature a vast haul of songs from the earliest days of Pus, through to the Haydn-era Suburbs  of Shopper Rock days with the amazing Lloyd Gyi on drums, moving on through the Mugs Game, Free Kicks  era with Howie and then on to the latter albums with Phil Bailey and Lloyd back.  I can’t wait to share a stage with the great Dick Haynes of Loaded Dice one of my Perth idols. Dick is going to be part of the Pus bracket along with Tony Durant.  We’ll have the Fugs’ Slum Goddess, and the Bonzo’s Tent in the rep along with Sweet Jane, Throbbing Knob, Hot Crotch etc.   I don’t think tickets are on sale yet but please mark it down in the diary for the Saturday of the long weekend: The Dockers v Crows game will be over before we hit the stage so no clash!  Tickets I’m pretty sure will as usual be available from Ticket Master and The Hotel Charles.  charleshotel.com.au

wa day celebration

If you love rock, don’t miss this show it may well be the last chance we ever get to assemble this many of the guys in the one place.  Stay tuned for updates on my FB page, website and twitter @suburbanwarner.


  1. I’m not able to be part of this momentous occasion as I will be in Ireland Dave but as usual will be there in spirit. !

  2. The General andre fritze says ‘Generals unite!” am booking my plane ticket – obviously will be part of history in the making too -&thanks dave & suburbs for making this possible.

  3. OK, it is in my diary. I may not visit my family in Perth, enough, but this just might get me there (and bloody Dick Haynes, too!!). I hope I can get in without my badge/s, which have disappeared somewhere between Perth and Sydney and Adelaide 🙂

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