Originally on the Correct Weight album, now on the double CD Correct Planet (it includes all tracks on Correct Weight and This Is My Planet plus bonus tracks) available from my website. This song is about Australians giving people a fair go – especially those who aspire to be Australians.


How’d you like to be on a boat

In the South China Sea with no hope?

Stripped of all identity

You are just a refugee

And your please can’t squeeze

Into conversations by the fire

Of the young trendy lefties

Who debate the changing women’s

Role in society

How would you explain to your kiddies

As they cried with fear

That the other countries really care

It is just that jobs are hard to get this year

Can I get your attention

I’d like to remind you of a few concerts back

Remember the time you danced to Bob Marley

Jumped up and down in row E

And you were seen

Being so un-European

You even became a Buddhist over a hot dog

Renounced your parents religion

As something a pigeon

Might drop

Can I get your support?

Can I get you a prop?

Can you give us a thought for the people

On S China Sea?

You see I think that their problem

Is not just dramatic enough

Three Mile Islands and melt downs

Are really Quinn Martin stuff

Seal cubs are cute

And whalers are dumb ugly brutes.

By Hayden Stagg for the booklet that went with Correct Weight (Mushroom 1979)

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