From the Correct Weight album this track is a snapshot of the Australian rock industry at the time – 1979. It was just before the likes of INXS, Men At Work and others began to make a major impression overseas. Essentially a call to arms for all those in the Aus Rock Industry to band together and celebrate just how good we were; even if the rest of the world wouldn’t acknowledge that then. (Hit the title above for the Spotify track)


We’re part of the heart of the record that turns

The dunce in the classroom who never learns

We’re part of the same thing good and bad you and me

We are part of the Aus Rock’n’Roll industry

We’re the struggling musician who can’t pay his rent

The part of the weekend where the week’s wages went

We’re the shedders of tears the scourge of ears

We are part of Aus Rock and Roll industry

We are Dylan and Ferry and Presley and Bowie

We’re all of those places out money does go

We’re the lead chasing roady who’s searched high and lo

We’re the people who pay at the door every night

For the right to get pissed and then picked for a fight

We’re bored and adored and ignored by the sweetie

Pulling beers for the Aus

We’re an unstable lot we’re a nation of sheep

Sheep without stables means shit on your feet

We’re Mark Holden Molly Shirley and Angry

We are part of the Aus rock and roll industry

We’re the sense of despair felt like losing a friend

When a good band breaks up we say it’s happened again

We’re the fans who buy posters the clowns who toss coasters

We are part of the Aus rock and roll industry

We’re the Car-o-Tel’s clientele Devo and Blondie

The Flombay at Bombay, the Swap out at Bondi

The dud cheque you got from Evans Gudinski

We are part of the Oz rock and roll industry

We’re part of the heart of the problem that makes

Must of broke and the Poms and Yanks great

We are dwindling crowds caused by government greed

We are part of the Aus rock and roll industry

We’re the butt of the jokes of the Poms’ music press

Who write more and more and say less and less

We put hope in the scrote of a barren old B

I refer to the world rock and rock industry

We’re the accident of birth that makes some who deserve

To be wealthy rock heroes play pubs to be heard

O’Keefe, Ross Wilson, Macainsh are these

They are part of the Aus rock and roll industry

We’re part of the start of our own revolution

It’s up to us now if we follow or lead

We’re the love and the hate the success and the failure

The rock and roll industry of Australia

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