In my Pus days (1973-75) I developed the idea of satirical monologue over a riff with Throbbing Knob. At the same time Pus was playing The Fugs’ ‘Couldn’t Get High.’ When I wrote ‘Mugs Game’ in late 1976 I was fusing personal romantic hurt with a satricial observation of nightclub dating rituals, and borrowing heavily on the Fugs musical two-chord style. I suppose it is one of my most well-known or infamous songs, and the Tee-shirt remains in hot demand. This video clip was done by Louise Lowson in Alice Springs many years ago. I think it’s real fun and hope you enjoy it. (Hit the Mugs Game title for the video) BTW I am still looking to sell the Mugs Game Double Vinyl Reissue. I was planning to sell at live gigs but there’s been virtually none of those since the album was released. Even if you have the original you may want to pick one of these up. There is a whole extra album of early demos and unreleased tracks to go with the original songs. Hobo Jacks at 21 Queen St, Busselton stocks them too and can get them to you.

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