This song was track one on my fourth album This Is My Planet – which then became This Is Your Planet (a c.d. with extra tracks) and is now on Correct Planet, a double CD with all tracks from Correct Weight and This Is Your Planet.

Some of the lyrics have not been quite understood. `If the arabs don’t get you, you know that the Special Squad will’ was a reference to the 1980 Iranian Embassy seige that began just as I put my feet up at Tony Durant’s flat. The Special Squad went in. Johnny Rotten lingering in the Public I a reference to Public Image. It was not a good time in the U.K. people were depressed and angry. Not long after this Tony decided to call Australia home.

I wanted a rought, unadorned rock sound like the Stones. Bob Searls played guitar on the recording, Phil Bailey bass, Howie Johnstone drums, Neville Dowling keys – but Leopard loved playing this song live.


Heathrow Airport smells like a Madras curry (UK Euchred, UK Euchred)

They stamped my passport three months

They must think I’m in some kind of hurry

Johnny Rotten didn’t die

He lingers in the Public I

You can’t make money you can’t get good fish and chips

You can’t make waves

‘Cause every wave is unhip

This month’s fad is heavy metal last month it was ska

The only time they like you’s when they can’t figure out

Who the hell you are

UK Euchred

UK Euchred


Now if the Arabs don’t get you

You know that the special squad will

No one’s got money but everyone’s got time to kill

And if you’re standing at the soccer

Be careful what you shout

Or you’ll get a dart between the eyes

And a knuckle on the snout

Well I searched the Strand looking for Australia House

It was besieged with people clawing to get out

They’re sending in the helicopters loading on the ships

I wonder if I’ll last the distance of my o.s. trip.


UK Euchred

UK Euchred

UK Euchred

Euchred UK


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