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Hi there Suburban Soldiers,

A Merry Aussie Christmas to you all.

Thank you again for your continued support. It is very much appreciated, whether it is buying merch, borrowing a book from a library, playing a cd or even commenting on line.  I just wanted to let you know of a few exciting things happening in my musical and book world.  

These last few months I have been flat out with various music projects so please let me update you.


First, as many of you know I have finally filled in the last gap of my musical CV by releasing a Christmas single.  I know it is a departure from Old Stock Rd etc but I always loved a good crooning Christmas song and don’t see why Australia shouldn’t have one.

It will cost you virtually nothing to download on CD Baby, stream on Spotify, or view on YouTube so please give it a go, and if you enjoy it – share.

But don’t worry you rampant SUBURBAN SOLDIERS there is more than enough of the traditional Suburban fare heading your way – and here is the really big news

I am reissuing MUGS GAME AS A DOUBLE VINYL ALBUM. Expected release is JANUARY 2020.

Not only will all the original tracks of the album be included but you’ll get a bonus record with never before released tracks from 1977 including Johnny Leopard performing ‘Ballad Of Coyote Pass’. The album will also include a number of the London demos that were made available on the current Mugs Game double CD re-issue, plus ‘Clarke’s Bolero’, only ever released on vinyl as flip to ‘Suburban Boy’, plus ‘Free Kicks’ the follow up single to ‘Suburban Boy’.

This a LIMITED EDITION and if you wish to make sure of your order, please click here and order your copy for $45 plus POST. The album should be despatched early January, although there is a slim chance you may get it by Christmas.

This is a REDUCED OFFER for PRE-ORDERS. Once the album is on the market the cost will be $50 plus post.

IN ADDITION – for those who like streaming and downloads, I will be making available for the first time SUBURBS LIVE AT THE VICTORIA AND SHENTON PARK HOTELS 1977. All the tracks from the original 3 unlabelled tapes will be included.

I will post on FB, Twitter and Instagram about this so please get ready.

ALSO PLANS ARE AFOOT TO REFORM FOR ONE TOUR THE REMAINING MUGS GAME SUBURBS – Paul, John, Tony, Howie and myself.  This will be late May early June 2020.

One hopes it won’t be, but it may be the only chance we get to do this again.

But there is a strong chance of Perth dates before then with the normal outfit.

And to complete the MUGS GAME EXCITEMENT I am doing a whole new batch of the popular MUGS GAME TEE-SHIRTS.


In a very exciting development. I am also working on an audio-book autobiography of the early Suburbs years. Expect that around March next year.

For SPORTS FANS who enjoyed my DARK SIDE OF THE SCRUM album, for about $5 you can download the whole album on CD Baby or stream on Spotify 

And for those fans of the great EAST FREMANTLE FOOTBALL CLUB the footy songs I have written over the years are also available. Download four tracks for less than a coffee from CD Baby.

One of the tracks ‘THE YEAR EAST FREO WON THE FLAG’ is a universal song about the bonds made among fans following a team. It is not restricted to East Fremantle and I think it’s a really touching song.  You can find the very modest clip I made using personal photos – just click here. A lot of my time over the last six months has gone to finishing off the album for my wife Nicole. With Martin Cilia I have written all the tracks. Former Suburb Neville Dowling helped on keyboards as did ex Loaded-Dice Jon Zielman from Holland. My regular Suburb Phil Bailey was a great help and Tony Cooper who used to play with Neville in Visitor helped enormously on the production side. ‘Junkies Drunks and Robbers’, the first single from the album FOREVER AND A DAY will be out in January. Please give us your support. We think the songs are really great and Nicole’s voice is super.


My latest book ‘River of Salt’ came out in April and I’ve been very pleased with the reaction of readers out there, many of whom took the trouble to contact me.  So, if you are one of those who has read ‘River of Salt’, I really hope you enjoyed it.  For those who haven’t taken the plunge it is a crime novel that starts in 1961 in Philadelphia where we meet a young contract killer, Blake who wants out of that life. He wants to surf and play twang guitar. Things go badly wrong and he winds up on the north coast of NSW in 1963 playing guitar just like he wanted. But when a murder happens up the coast and he and his friends might be implicated, Blake has to track down the real killer.   As a special addition I wrote and recorded with Martin, a song ‘No Good Can Come From This’ that Blake sings on p 33. Download here or watch on YouTube.

Since then I have been hard at work on my next novel which is set in New York in the current day. It is a crime novel but very different to my usual style.  I know already that some readers are going to find the contrast a hard adjustment but I’m hopeful that ultimately, they will enjoy it just as much.  I think it’s a really good story.  It is a little early to give too much away but stay tuned.

BTW if you ever would like to buy a copy personally inscribed to you or a special person, email me at [email protected] and we’ll work something out.


A number of my titles are available on Audio Book now.

You can buy the physical audio books via Wavesound, or download from sites like Audible or ask your library to get them in. It is a wonderful and exciting new medium and I am planning a lot of new projects in this area.

That’s it for now.

Have a Merry Aussie Christmas and remind the world it’s a Mug’s Game!

Yours in Mugdom

Dave Warner

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