This weekend (May 29-31), the Dungog Film Festival takes place. Dungog is near Newcastle – about a 3hr drive north of Sydney. It is a celebration of Australian Film with one of my favourite movies ever, The Year My Voice Broke, screening to mark its 21st anniversary. And what an appropriate time for this with Samson and Delilah doing so well at Cannes.  Congrats to all involved in that movie.  But I digress – my personal involvement at Dungog this year is the reading of my screenplay Sister Sister (aka Dirty Girls/Brace).

Director Andrew Lewis and I started working on this low-budget drama 11 years ago and we have finally got it close to production. It is a tale of twin sisters in a dysfunctional relationship and set in Albany, that incredibly evocative WA town. Sister Sister is the first time I’ve had a script of mine this close to being made which has remained very much my original concept. We have been fortunate to receive production funding and development assistance from Screen West, twice having to establish ourselves ahead of some hot competition to be awarded the production assistance that can make this project a reality. We have twice applied for the Indivision low budget film initiative formerly run by Film Australia, and both times were unsuccessful, but we have persevered because we’re passionate about telling the story.

The script is now stronger than it was when we missed out. I’m proud of it. We have a great production team (Phillip Bowman, Joceyln Quioc) so it may soon be a reality on a screen. Fingers crossed. Some of the readers are the actors we are hoping to use in the production. If you are in Dungog please join us for the read and feel free to meet with us after and give us feedback. I’ll do a post-Dungog blog for those who can’t make it.


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