Free Kicks

Kicker1When you’re parked with your lover and outside all is dark
Or making love with another under cover from the rain in the park
Be sure you abide by the rules
That make smart men brave and brave men fools
Refrain from action if in doubt ’cause if you overstep the mark
It’s certain someone will shout

Kicker2I knew a man once who held society in his palm
He was a winner and a winger
He pushed women in the back with his charm
He was never offside, though he was always pretty off when he spoke
And I envied this man ’cause I was just an average bloke
Then one day he broke the rules, got drunk at a discotheque
Society threw him out for tripping up a debutante and grabbing round the neck

Kicker3I once went out with the same girl for nearly a year
She loved me so much she’d wait while I mated my beer
My concession to her was the same drive-in every week
I thought I could do what I liked and she’d never crack
But I retained possession too long and when I finally let her go
The siren had gone, my goals were empty before me
So berated and frustrated, I hit the referee

Kicker1So if you can’t play by the rules, I suggest you’d better not play at all
I hate players who yell “trip” when all the time they’re holding the ball
So if you pick the time to end
You can’t expect to pick the time to start
When you meddle with emotions, you’re liable to get hurt yourself
Or break somebody’s heart


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