What a superb little project Hidden Treasures 40 Years Of Freo Music is. This 3 CD set for the fabulous price of $20 can be purchased at the Fremantle Visitor Centre and I urge anybody who has loved the Fremantle music scene over the last 40 years to grab a copy. It was such a joy to hear acts and artists of such high calibre and the CD brought back many memories. My own song about growing up in Fremantle, Vignettes (1975) kicks off the set and it was great to hear this previously unrecorded tune of mine with the sensitive guitar of Martin Cilia and the fabulous mandolin and accordion of Mick Thomas  and Wally (Weddings), and the excellent drumming of Lloyd Gyi.  But then came all these fabulous songs from the other contributors.  I’d forgotten about A2Z a really hot reggae themed band of the 70’s/80s. Their African Band is  a wonderfully uplifting tune.  The Stems At First Sight is just brilliant pop and Jam Tarts & Nansing keep up the good vibes.  Fremantle legend Jim Fisher, an old pal and superb musician features with An Angel in South Fremantle. Scott Wise, Flying Doctor, Kavisha Mazzella, The Waifs, Lucky Oceans, The Rosemary Beads, John Butler, Dave Brewer et al are all on there. As Molly used to say, do yourself a favour, remind yourself of those halcyon days when every pub in Perth had a great band playing live and hear some of the current musicians keeping alive the musical tradition.  By the way, I will be back in Freo at the end of October to do an author talk at Fremantle Library so say hello if you attend … and forty years after the Suburbs first gig we will be returning WITH A NEW ALBUM. You can hear us preview the new songs plus old faves at The Charles Hotel Sat Oct 29 – More on that later, for now I just wanted to alert you all to this terrific Hidden Treasures initiative. Well done all involved. IMG_1647


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