Joey Black

JoeyDaveMy name is Joey Black
I grew up by the dock
Never had good school reports
Fighting was my only sport
But lately times have changed
Everything’s been rearranged
Now I find I don’t belong
On the streets where I once roamed
These streets aren’t safe for violence any more
All the trendies do’s restore restore restore
And that’s a bore
They ride their bicycles where we raced our cars
They take the billiard rooms
And turn them into flash wine bars
They talk about equality but the girls won’t talk to me
I tell you that these streets aren’t what they used to be
These streets don’t ring to laughter any more
They stink of lawyers’ dope that’s hidden in the floor
These streets aren’t safe for violence any more
All I ever wanted was to own the fmily house
But I can’t afford it so I’m moving further out
They’ll all take their photographs and write their poetry
About the emptiness of the new life that I lead
They’ll try to keep me out by changing all the rules
They’ll drink their funny tea, say money is for fools
Well I tell you I want all the money I can get
Cause that’s the only way a guy like me can get ahead
And when I’m rich enough I’ll bring back all my friends
And these streets will ring to violence once again

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