A quick interlude from my constant rehearsals to thank all of you who are supporting me and THE KIND AND ME crew (Caitlin, Sam, Emily and Martin) by purchasing tickets.  Thursday and Friday nights have already sold out so if you are thinking about attending don’t delay.  I would love to see my friends and fans up close and personal.   By the way, the opening night is this Tuesday, not Thursday as it says in the Fringe printed program so you may still be able to score a ticket for the first two nights featuring Martin Cilia joining Sam Musca on guitar.  It’s a hell of a lot of work being an actor and I still have not forgiven Shane McNamara for being unavailable.

Last Friday I was fortunate to do the launch of James Anfuso’s mammoth and wonderful book Rockin’ Australia. The book features photos and stories of some of James’ 10,000 poster collection of Oz Rock. If you are in Perth drop in to Gallery 360 at 309 Hay St Subiaco to see a sample of the amazing posters.

Melbourne soldiers please help us out by attending the gig March 8 at Caravan Club in the late arvo. Peter Foley is a staunch supporter of my music but we need a reasonable crowd to keep playing Melbourne.  And those of you in Sydney, come down to the Django Bar on Thursday march 12 for what is going to be a varied and interesting gig.

48 hours to go!  And then The King takes the stage.



  1. dave, I catch the train from Tamworth to melbourne as a (gig scared General) loyal suburban soldier as every time you play is my anzac day, ha!, it is always a great time, I am very fortunate to be able to attend sydney too, must be magic in the air, so I do hope the other soldiers who are contemplating attending no longer do that, but just Go.

  2. Dave, thanks for the wonderful show, The King and Me. I brought three friends along with me for tonight’s performance, and we all enjoyed it very much. We loved your songs, you have a beautiful voice. And we loved Caitlin as well. You haven’t changed a bit from all those years ago at UWA. Cheers from Sandy Roe.

    • Sandy thank you very much for the support. it was terrific to see you there and it took me a moment or two for my senior brain to kick back into gear. Wow, it is a long time ago now since we graced the lawns od higher institutions but sometimes seems a snap of the fingers away. Sorry I did not get an opportunity to talk. What are you up to?

      • Dave, I know how it is when you see someone from some time ago and it’s out of context. Yes it’s a long time ago, and time is going faster and faster, or so it seems. I am writing poetry when I am well enough. I have been ill for a long time, but at last I am slowly recovering after getting a diagnosis at long last. Nothing fatal, just something that makes life extra difficult. I live here in South Perth with my partner Victor, and we do everything together, very happily. I am also thinking about writing a novel or something, and how to get my stuff published. Whether to try traditional publishers or go with self publshing. Through Facebook, I know I have an audience in Pakistan and India, young men. They LOVE poetry. I went to a workshop in the Perth Writers Festival on self publishing, and it is very likely the way to go. I just have to finish the book of poems, about 10 or so more poems. It will be titled, Poems from the Swan Coastal Plain, I think. I said I was going to be a poet when I was 9 years of age, it just took a long time to start flowing. Cheers, Sandy.
        PS. John Johnstone says he knows you too, raves about you. He admininstered my mother’s estate when she died, and he does my will. Guardian Wills and Estates, I think it’s called.

        • Yes John is a great friend of mine. I’m very pleased for you that you have been able to fulfil that calling. Have you tried Fremantle press? It is not easy getting published – even with books behind me that have done pretty well I find it is no guarantee. Self-publishing is a lot more doable now than it was twenty years ago though so give it a shot if you can’t hook an established publisher. All the very best and thanks again for coming to my show.

  3. hi sandra, read your piece, sparked a memory about John Johnstone from the Dave Warner “suburban boy” story by Alan Howard on page 35, if this is the same John Johnstone, perhaps the suburban messiah can shed some light on this??

  4. thanks for that, re-read the book, you had some times…feeny following the car with a drum kit, still laughing….could you direct fellow soldiers to alan howards site, I think the book is available for download??
    looking forward to the melbourne gig & sydney too, ha! not a trip down memory lane, oh no, just a trip on the old stock road (with a thump, thump thump in my heart..& a boom boom boom in my brain) I;m ready to rage…

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