Well Melbourne was terrific.  What a great bunch of people we had at The Caravan Club and what a hot band up on stage. So many people have commented how much they enjoyed seeing @Greg Macainsh powering into those bass riffs. Thank you all for a really enjoyable gig, which was kicked off in fine style by @Paul Madigan another of Australia’s under-exposed almost unknown purveyors of fine songwriting and poetic power.  Thursday night marks the last stand in the current campaign: The Django Bar in Marrickville.  Something different again, Bill Beare and Tony Durant’s guitars joining my keyboards and Lloyd Gyi helping out with some snare beat. Beside some arcane Warner tunes and some classics played in this pared-back fashion, there’ll be poems and readings from my plays, novels, and stories. We know it’s Thursday so this will be an early start: 8 pm – but two full sets and then bon voyage in plenty of time for a solid sleep.

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