Tonight marks the last of my shows of THE KING AND ME which has proved to be an outstanding success with the public – every ticket for every performance sold, a testament to the loyalty of Suburban Soldiers and true friends who have formed the base of the audience.  It is also a reflection of the abilities of my co-Kingers: Emily McLean for terrific direction, Caitlin Beresford-Ord my co-star who has knocked out all with her voice and acting, and Sam Musca, a brilliant guitarist.  Martin Cilia rejoins us tonight on another guitar for the final act. It has been a long stint in Perth this time with the Suburbs show, a book launch, a pre-book launch and rehearsals and shows for the King and Me. Next stop is Melbourne FOR SUNDAY MARCH 8 AT THE CARAVAN CLUB. The full Suburbs band will power away from late arvo with the support of PAUL MADIGAN.  This promises to be the most politically incorrect evening for years  so if you are a free-thinking, hard laughing Aussie this is the night for you.

Not sure if and when I will get back to Melbourne so please join us to release your inner convict.


  1. Love to be at the Caravan club, to see you and the full band, but I’ll be away with previous commitments. I know it will be great show and I envy my mates, that will be there. I hope it is a sell out show and that you make it back to Melbourne. Have fun!
    Regards. Rol.

  2. We will miss you Rol. I know it will pain you not to be there, but I promise to have a beer for you during what hopefully IS a sell out show!! Can’t wait, Dave.
    All the best, Tony & Diane (Yarra Valley FM)

    • I doubt we’ll sell out Tony – up until The King and Me I’d forgotten that feeling. But I can promise 90 cracking minutes of rock and I’m certain Paul Madigan et al will set the stage with a great, original set too.

  3. Dave, putting aside your potentially defamatory belief that I am a ‘Hawker’, may I be the first to say that like “Grange” you get better and better with age! This afternoon was just awesome – please pass on our appreciation to the band. Come back soon! I look forward to some AFL banter during the season but, as discussed, have a look at “Bomber’s insider” on You Tube to get the ball rolling…

    • It was a great pleasure to participate in the almost forgotten art of The Sunday Session. Next time the great debate – Jackie Mihocek or Ron Barassi, who left the more indelible mark on football and our lives?

  4. Great show today Dave, really good to hear Joey Black again, its been awhile. Hope to see you back in Melbourne around finals time. Go Hawks
    Cheers Kev

  5. Fantastic show at Caravan Music Club Dave. Brilliant Music, Cold Beer,BBQ
    best sunday arvo in years. Lets hope it happens again!
    Thanks Dave
    Cheers PAUL + Deeza

  6. No question -Jacky Mihocek for 13 quality games. One of many ‘fiery’ Bombers at the time including Des Tuddenham, Ron Andrews, Ken Roberts, Jim Demetriou and Pat Wellington. I trust that the Swannies will show the appropriate duty of care to Lance Franklin and Kieran Jack by resting them for the season opener!

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