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The upcoming gigs at Downstairs His Maj in Perth and Django Bar, Sydney have given me a chance to trawl through my back catalogue of songs to find some I always loved but haven’t played for years.   The unplugged nature of the intimate gigs suits more delicate songs that got washed away in the tsunami of beer and Marshall amps that marked my big pub gigs.

Lonely Sailor I wrote around 1974 before going to London. Albert Finney fascinated me from the first time I saw him in the scariest film I ever saw as a kid, Night Must Fall. Then as a late teen I discovered British kitchen-sink drama and was electrified. Saturday Night Sunday Morning in particular (book and film) was a huge influence on me as I sought to artistically render boring Australian suburban life like Sillitoe had boring English working class life. And Laurence Harvey, well he was just too cool for school and he and Liz sizzled in Butterfield 8.


finneyI’m a lonely sailor just like any Albert Finney

With my hair greased back just like any Laurence Harvey

I’m a rock-out from Blackwall reach

But I don’t have any Elizabeth Taylor

And I won’t be the groom to Princess Caroline

No I don’t even have a Saturday night tramp to call mine

I’m a lonely sailor just like any Laurence Harvey

No Lizzy Taylor no eyes like Albert Finney

I’m a rockout from Blackwall reach

10 years behind my time and 20 years ahead

What good will it do me if girls love me when I’m dead

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  1. Ah Dave,Memories of Blackwall Reach come flooding back,the caves we got up to smoking cigarettes in,the caves we fooled around with girls in,the rocks we jumped off of into deep water where the Zepher skeleton still remains that got driven off there,the gumball machine that was pinched from the pinny shop on Canning Highway (don’t know who the perpetrators were but they wee looking for kids that were sick from all the gum and had pocketfuls of 2 cent peices.They were good days 😎

    • Wow didn’t know the old zephyr was there – you’re right miss those days of wandering down to park with a cricket bat after Sunday lunch and wondering who else might turn up for a game

  2. Ha! I remember the above great song, as well as the lyrics to Easter Time, with the loneliest lyrics in rock..”I ate the easter egg I got for you -it was the only egg I had” Not forgetting Cleo’s Monthly Pet’ …I have no inhibitions about realizing my ambitions.. (& when I,m old & grey …). you’ll see me standing @ the Django bar with a warm half glass of beer in my hand, face wet, Not crying, reminiscing…the Vic, the Shents, the laughter & the girls…but I digress & wonder, is the aforementioned glass half empty or half full?
    So looking forward to the night. General Fritze, (not 21 anymore either, sigh)

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