DAVE WARNER films in release

GarageNewGARAGE DAYS was released in Australia in 2002 and in the US in July 2003. It got generally excellent reviews during its Australian run. It was written by Alex Proyas and Dave Warner, and directed by Proyas.

cutlogo1CUT was released in March 2000. It was written by Dave Warner, directed by Kimble Rendall and produced by Martin Fabinyi of Mushroom Pictures.

rollsmallROLL was completed in 2004 and has yet to screen. It was produced as part of SBS Television’s Family Matters Series.

DAVE WARNER features in pre-production


PRODUCERS: Anna Fawcett, Mark Lazarus (Australian Rules) and Todd Fellman (Dear Claudia). Top level TV commercial director David Deneen will shoot it as his first feature film. Shooting is expected to commence in early 2005.

LOGLINE: Two killers on the run fall into a symbiotic relationship with a rich agoraphobic.

SYNOPSIS: Andrew Shepherd lives in an isolated house in the Australian bush. He is severely agoraphobic. For nearly a year, ever since the relationship with his fiancee, Crystal, ended, he has not been able to set foot outside. Andrew has no friends, just an occasional maid, gardener and delivery boy. A giant satellite dish on his roof feeds broadcasts from all over the world into a bank of TV monitors, 24 hours a day.

Andrew’s dull, sterile world is changed forever when a Bonny & Clyde couple of losers, Ron and Dale, literally crash into it. Ron has blown away two people in a twelve-hour speed-induced trail of mayhem. Stripper Dale doesn’t quite know how things came to be this way. She was trying to get Ron out of trouble, get up to Queensland, start a fresh life. But all that was ripped apart by the twin barrels of Ron’s sawn-off-shotgun. Now she’s running for her life.