Suburbs In The ’70s

SUBURBS IN THE ’70S (1999)

Suburbs70sA double CD released in December 1999, Suburbs in the 70s features original live recordings of Dave Warner’s From The Suburbs, circa 1978. Many of the tracks were compiled on audio cassette and sold at live gigs in the late 1970s, under the banner The Victoria Tapes, and were later recorded for Mushroom Records.

The Victoria Tapes were, in fact, recorded at Perth’s Victoria Hotel in June 1977 and at the Shenton Park Hotel in December 1977. These CDs reveal the raw power, the rough evolving sound of The Suburbs, and the total originality of Warner’s music.

For years, Warner fans have heard the line that Radio Birdman and The Saints were the seminal new wave bands in Australia, knowing that their body of work was dwarfed by what Warner had happening in the West. Suburbs in the 70s is a must for all Warner fans and all collectors of Australian music.


Dave Warner (Grim Reaper): Organ and Lead Vocals
Haydn Pickersgill (Scarpa Flow): Bass
John Dennison (One-Armed Bandit): Synthesiser and Piano
Johnny Leopard: Guitar
Stuart Davies-Slate (Mr Calista): Drums

At least a couple of the tracks must have been recorded slightly later than December 1977 because Tony Durant (The New Boy, Guitar and Pedal Steel Guitar), Paul Noonan (Bass) and Howie Johnson (Drums) can be heard on them.

The tracks were remastered by Paul Bryant and Martin Cilia.

New Age
•Hot Crotch
•Girls Wank
Sweet Jane
•Suburban Boy
Clarke’s Bolero
Yella in Me
Campus Days
Eve of Destruction
Revenge of the Lawn Becomes Vinyl
Around These Parts
Sidewalk Surfin’
•Convict Streak
Monster’s Back
Australian Heat
Mug’s Game
I Don’t Know What I Feel
The Immigrant’s Lament
She Didn’t Write
Like a Rolling Stone
Deep End
Strange Night
African Summer
Suburban Rock
Old Stock Road
Half-Time at the Football
Kangaroo Hop
Lonely Bar-Room Crawler
Welcome to the Hospital
Where Can I Go