Just a very quick thank you to all of you who have taken the trouble to contact me and let me know how much you enjoyed Part 1 of Never Tear Us Apart, the 2 part INXS mini-series. I would like to respond to you all individually but am in the process of nailing the first draft of my first crime novel in more than ten years and need every second. I must also point out that my NTUA co-writer Justin Monjo did the lion’s share of the script.  I don’t know if any of you Suburbs fans out there caught the Rage show a couple of weeks ago that featured YELLA IN ME but if you missed it you can probably find it on U-tube. Have to say the band rocked!  I am hopeful that some clever producer might make a TV series  of my novel CITY OF LIGHT so I can use Warner, Loaded Dice and INXS soundtrack because Perth in 1979 was a special cauldron of creativity and needs to be shown.  No offence to recent spate of Aussie TV shows based on Aus crime novels, it’s great to see local stories being made and they’ve all got something going for them but they are about as shy of City of Light and Big Bad Blood as Radio Birdman of The Suburbs. 


  1. Enjoyed the 1st part but not so much the 2nd part. Yes, a friend alerted me to the Rage clip so I looked it up. Fantastic. It’s amazing that in 2014 Western Australia appears less culturally significant (due to not having a voice through TV and other media) to the rest of Australia than we were in the late 70s/ early 80s yet we have so much rich history that had a direct bearing of the rest of the country. So many people I knew over East never would acknowledge the Farris Bros/ INXS days in Perth so I am glad the mini-series has put that to rest for the doubters. Meanwhile in the suburbs…

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