2001 News Updates



Thank you to all those who ordered Warner products over the past month, especially Peter Luckett of Merrylands in NSW, and Paul Wessels in Kingswood, NSW. I hope you enjoyed not only the stuff you ordered but the bonus gifts we nearly always manage to include. The latest goss on the book front is one in and one out. MURDER IN THE OFF-SEASON has now been published in the same A format as the previous Lizard Books. It had previously been available only in the big format with the bonus edition of MURDER IN THE GROOVE included.

On the downside, THE SPYING GAME, the memoirs of real life PI Frank Monte which I worked on, has been withheld from publication because of legal action. We’ll just have to wait and see if it makes the light of day in some form or other. I have been invited to appear at WORDPOOL, a literary cabaret organised by the Queensland Writers Centre in Brisbane on August 28 at Jameson’s in the PM session. I’d love to meet any of my Brisbane fans – music or books!

I know most of you who visit this site are Dave Warner’s From The Suburbs fans and I wish I had more music news to offer you. The AFL CDs which I have been working on with Martin Cilia for three years now should be out next year on Sony. It’s been a long hard haul but for you AFL fans it will hopefully be worth it. There are 16 CDs, one for each club, with six tracks per disc. The CDs will feature the club’s official theme song plus a track or tracks about players. The musical styles vary from country to dance. And if you like rock music you’ll love GARAGE DAYS, the film I wrote with director Alex Proyas. It’s currently being shot in Sydney for a 2002 release. The story is about a young garage band trying to make it, and the relationships within the band. Sounds simple, but with Alex’s twist on things it is “out there”. Already shot is the telemovie BALMAIN BOYS (previously titled LEGEND). This will air on Channel 10 some time in the future.

And cricket-wise, what can I say? They dropped Justin Langer!!!!! What a spineless act, caving in to media pressure to bat Ricky Ponting at 3. Well Ponting is no number 3. He’s failed before there and he’ll fail again, though the Poms are so weak he might do deceptively okay in this series. Mind you, his form over the his last several test innings has been well behind that of Langer. Justin Langer has been the team’s best batsman over the last few years both on average and more importantly, median score, measures. So often he has had to bat with no opening partnership to cushion his entry. Sure Damian Martyn deserved a call up but then he deserved a call up last year when Mark Waugh’s form was abysmal. I wonder why Mark Waugh wasn’t dropped?

Well, have a great winter all of you and thanks for the e-mails and messages you send.
Keep them rolling in. Big Warm Regards,



GARAGE DAYS: Shooting on this new Alex Proyas film, which Dave co-wrote, began on Monday June 4 on the streets of Glebe and Newtown, in inner-west Sydney. The film stars Kick Gurry, Maya Stange, Pia Miranda, Andy Anderson, Marton Csokas, Yvette Duncan Russell Dykstra and Chris Sadrinna. Gurry plays Freddy, the frontman of a young garage band who, thorough a series of misadventures, ends up playing at Homebake in Sydney.

We will be keeping a close watch on this production, so check back here for regular updates.

The McElroy/Network 10 telemovie The Balmain Boys wrapped its shoot at the end of May.
It is now in post-production and is scheduled to screen on Channel 10 later in the year.

The SBS drama Going Home returned to our TV screens at the end of May. Although Dave is not one of the writers for the show’s second series, due to other commitments, he will be a regular viewer. We wish the entire crew and cast well and look forward to a successful run.

MAY >>

HI SUBURBAN SOLDIERS OLD AND NEW and thank you for taking the trouble to tune in to the site. I especially wish to thank all of you who have bought CDs, books and T-shirts from us, or even have taken the trouble to drop a line with some feedback on the books and so on. It’s been extremely hectic for me lately with the imminent shoots of the telemovie BALMAIN BOYS and the Alex Proyas feature GARAGE DAYS. I’m a co-writer on both of these and as production draws closer I’ve been called in to have a look at the progress. I’m also working with Martin Fabinyi of Mushroom Pictures on a sequel to CUT. So if I haven’t responded to your emails or letters, I will get around to it.

For those wanting to know a little about BALMAIN BOYS, let me fill you in briefly on the story: Matthew Abbott is a football legend who has played all three codes – Aussie Rules, Rugby and League. He is also a cop. When he gets injured in the line of duty he must give up both careers. While deciding what to do with his life, his best mate, a roguish lawyer named Andy Grace finds himself holding some hot money for a dangerous client. When the money disappears along with Larry’s partner, the scene is set for Matthew “The Legend” Abbott to play detective. The story is comedy-action, with the lead roles going to Paul Gleeson (Ledge) and Jeremy Sims (Andy). Ray Quint will direct. The project is being produced by McElroy Television in conjunction with Columbia Tri Star and Channel 10. Expect it on your screens later this year.

GARAGE DAYS is the story of a young band trying to make it in the pokie infested world of the Sydney pub scene. Actually it’s as much a story about the people in the band and their relationships as anything else. It’s interesting that recently both High Fidelity and Almost Famous have covered this sort of territory, and covered it very well. We hope that we have a slightly different angle on it all but at the same time will provide a funny film with lots of heart. Alex is a wonderful director and I am sure that the visuals will be scintillating. The project is being produced by Fox Searchlight.

By the way, thanks to all those who complimented me about the SBS TV series GOING HOME. It is a unique and interesting show that continues soon for its second season. Unfortunately, I can’t be part of the writing team this time as I am now working on Balmain Boys for McElroys. Nevertheless, I am sure it will be great viewing. I know I’ll be watching.

On the music front, we can announce that finally the long awaited Sony-AFL project is almost ready to roll off the slipway. Martin Cilia and I have written and recorded songs about players of each of the AFL clubs so that we will shortly see the release of 16 separate CDds with 5 tracks per CD. Each will include the club song plus four other footy related original tracks.

Johnny Leopard is currently visiting Sydney. With Tony “New Boy” Durant, and John “One Armed Bandit” Dennison resident here we will have to see if there is any possibility of the original Suburbs doing gigs later in the year. We have been approached over the possibility of a few private parties and if any of this can be achieved, perhaps we can link a public gig in as well. I will keep you posted.

What else can I say? If you’re in the Southern hemisphere, please steer clear of the winter flu. If you’re in the Northern hemisphere, enjoy the sunshine. Webmaster Stuart O’Connor and I will try and keep you updated on the shows as they progress with a sprinkling of star gossip.

Thanks again …



MURDER IN THE OFF-SEASON IN REPRINT:: There are still a few copies of the special edition of Murder In The Off-Season, backed with Murder In The Groove, in stores, but Dave’s stocks have gone. MITOS is about to be reissued as a single book, but it won’t be in stores until August.

For those who’ve been asking, the CD Surplus & Dearth is now sold out. There are no plans at this stage to reissue this title.

Dave is also in discussions with Mushroom Pictures about a possible sequel to Cut.

The Alex Proyas film Garage Days, which Dave co-wrote, is currently in pre-producton and is scheduled to begin shooting in May.


MORE SONG LYRICS:: As part of the revamp of Dave’s site, we’ll be adding a lyrics section, and
posting a lot more of Dave’s song lyrics. This month, you can find the words to the 1976
track PHANTOM (mainly because the webmaster happens to be a Phantom fan!!!).
More to come…

AND we’re still working on plans for new features, such as fan feedback, reader and listener reviews and a downloadable MP3 track each month … plus much, much more. Watch this space for further details, but email those book and CD reviews to the webmaster now (less than 300 words please!)



Welcome to Warnerworld in the new millennium. I hope that last year was fabulous for you and that this year will be even better. This year promises a lot on both large and small screen. GARAGE DAYS, the film I’ve co-written with director Alex Proyas, is slated for filming in Sydney in the early part of the year, while THE LEGEND – a telemovie I’ve co-written with Tony Morphett for McElroy TV-Channel 10 and Columbia Tristar – should be shot around the same time. Both are exciting projects with excellent creative teams – Alex is a brilliant director and Tony Morphett is the doyen of Australian TV writers.

Of course most of you want to know about performances by the Suburbs and new or reissued CDs. At this stage, the only recording project on the screen is an AFL / Sony Music one in which I have written and recorded six tracks for each AFL Club. The tracks include songs about players and the club, and a
re-recording of the clubs’ anthems.

There have been a couple of near misses in getting the Suburbs back together and I can only perservere to get most of the orginal guys on stage for a show or two. It isn’t easy, and of course it is an expensive exercise but sooner or later it will happen. Johnny Leopard and drummer Howie Johnstone are in Perth these days while Tony Durant and John Dennison are in Sydney. Likely bass player Greg Macainsh is doing a law degree but maybe we’ll get him out of the books and plugged into an amp.

I wish to thank all of you who wrote to me or, even better, bought a Warner product of some description. I know it takes time and effort and I always attempt to reward that with a bonus gift or two. Hopefully you weren’t disappointed.


PS: I’d like to send a big hello and thanks to Greg and Jenny Nankarrow of Nedlands, in WA, for being such solid Suburban Soldiers. Also to Peter Horbury in Victoria and to all those Soldiers in the far-flung reaches of the world.

IN OTHER NEWS:: Dave has co-written a 10-part whodunnit, against a backdrop of Australian Federation, which was published in THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD. It’s called The Unusual Suspects, and you can read it online right HERE.

COMING SOON:: We’ll be adding some new features to the site, such as fan feedback, reader and listener reviews, more song lyrics and a downloadable MP3 track each month … plus much, much more. Watch this space for further details, but you can start emailing those book and CD reviews to the webmaster now – but please keep them to less than 300 words!