No Good Can Come From This

When I was writing my 2019 novel River of Salt, I had a scene where main character Blake is playing his guitar in his club, rehearsing a song he has written while focussing on the real object of his desire Doreen, his club-manager. She is doing the same thing, each unaware of the other’s interest. In writing the scene I started to hear this imaginary song in my head. When I finished the book and it was off to the printer I suddenly realised how dumb I had been to not finish the song, record it and put a little link in the book on page 33 (where the scene plays) that would take the reader to the song, thus giving an all encompassing 4D experience. Better late than never. I recruited fabulous surf-guitarist @martincilia to help. He produced. @nicolewarnersinger Bill Beare and @lloydgyi helped with vocals and “voila”. So now here we go. Below is the section from the book with the song link. BTW the audio book does have the song as a bonus. Just click on the highlighted title below to listen.


Blake had started playing. It was the new song, No Good Can Come From This, a sweet ballad, really different to the normal instrumental surf stuff. He began to croon: She holds my heart in her fingertips. Traces my soul with the sweetest lips.

`I’d love to see you wipe the floor with that bitch.’

It’s bliss each we time kiss but we know.  No good can come … of this.

`You’re still at school, right?’

`Nadine’s only just finished.’

She holds my soul. In those eyes divine. Heavenly body, lips the sweetest wine

It’s bliss each we time kiss but we know …

 No good can come … Of this.

Part of her wanted to imagine Blake had written the song for her. The rest of her was indifferent. He was her boss, never the twain and all that.

`Alright, Kitty. You’re still on holidays, right? Meet you back here at two and we’ll put in a couple of hours.’

`I’ve done ballet.’

`I can see. The steps aren’t what you have to work on.’

`What do I have to work on?’


He loved this middle part, didn’t know from where within him it had come. First to the F, Though her love is a waterfall … then to the G and C  …This man’s heart is but sand …  He wondered what Doreen was talking about with the young girl. Maybe explaining she was too young for the competition … And here it was, the part that really kicked, where it goes to the E minor … She still thinks she can have it all and right on up to the D … But she’ll rue the day …and back to G … Love came to stay

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