Nothing To Lose

Geoff Buttsworth has asked me to include the lyrics of Nothing To Lose which I am happy to do. A big thanks to John without whom I wouldn’t have the attached photo. John knew I didn’t have a copy myself of the single so game me one. I had forgotten all about the little story I wrote my concerning my dear Mum, no longer with us, and the late John French.


Marlowe stood outside the house at ten to nine a shot rang out

Marlowe burst in through the door kept firing as he hit the floor

Against his head he felt a gun a voice said Bud, why did you come?

He said I – I had nothing to lose x2

They waited for the third roll call then Audie dashed towards the wall

A guard called on the figure “halt” Then fired, Audie gave a jolt

A screw appeared grabbed the mate, said `What’s the point tryin’ to escape?’

He said We (we) we got nothing to lose x2

8 bar break

The bride and groom began to fight he insisted that the bride wear white

She told him if it wasn’t blue another bride he’d have to choose

That’s the final straw, he said, give someone else your maidenhead

She laughed, I (I) I got nothing to lose x 2

Alan Ladd turned to John Wayne and pointed out across the plain

A thousand injuns filled the screen it seemed that this must be the end

Alan said, We better run John shook his head and cocked his gun  

Said, We (we) we got nothing to lose x2

Stop breakdown 8 bars solo

Fletcher Christian called the crew to discuss the thing to do

Said, I feel we’re gonna die less I replace old Captain Bligh

But I will not take command unless you’re with me to a man

They said, We (we) we got nothing to lose x2

The batsmen met between the pitch discussin how to win the match

Ten to eleven said, I’ll swing you run like hell and hope we win

Eleven said, Mate I’m with you it seems the only thing to do

They (they) – they had nothing to lose x 2

Breakdown 8 bars

And so my love I hope you see how this relates to you and me

From loving me you can refrain and it will save potential pain

But I’d rather risk a broken heart and have your love than be without

Hey, we got nothing to lose x 3

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  1. Great song then … Still a Great now. African Summer was a good choice for the hot sweaty summers @ the time & is still a good song … the unreleased Gem ‘one man war’ should have been the ‘B’ side to this & could have been covered by the hundred or so bands in the late seventies/early 80’s that didn’t make it. your always two steps ahead Dave.

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