BRISBANE WRITERS FESTIVAL was terrific fun in great part thanks to my fellow panellists/authors whose books are displayed. The very witty Robert Gott’s The Port Fairy Murders is a lovely little crime novel set in 1940s in Victoria. It captures the era so well it is like reading an Arthur Upfield novel. Anne Buist’s Medea’s Curse is a psychiatric mystery with suspense and high octane sex a-plenty. Matthew Condon’s Jacks And Jokers is part 2 of his true-crime trilogy on corrupt Queensland of the 70s and 80s and is compelling reading while Nick Dyrenfurth’s Mateship is a very thought provoking and informative work on the origins and malleability of the concept of mateship. Thank you Julie Beveridge and all your staff and helpers, and thank you Brisbane for making it such a top event.


  1. thanks Dave,” Before it Breaks” has movie, movie, movie written all over it, really enjoyed it, on your recommendation have started Nick Dyrenfurth’s- Mateship, the cover looked like a beer label & I thought I could enjoy a coldie (or 3) whilst reading it, still feeling the need after the tropical climate setting of your tome, Medea’s curse might be next, Cheers! -Fritze

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