bold park car park.JPGWhile the Liberal clique of Manly Council have destroyed forever the beautiful, sensible and economically viable design of their forefathers with the Manly Boy Charlton horror – which looks like a new terminal at Sydney airport, I have been astonishingly impressed by Cambridge Council in WA and what they have done to a similar facility – Bold Park Pool.  The design is a magnificent example of keeping the natural beauty while adding a human exercise facility. Hats off to all involved. The shade shelter is clever but simple, the aesthetic is perfect with a tree in pool forecourt and timber exteriors. The open sides give the new indoor pools a dappled feel like a billabong. The foyer is spacious and doubles as a café and pool shop, the vertical garden feature wall brings the outside feel inside. And of course there is ample car-parking directly out front of the pool. Why couldn’t Manly Council simply have extended the carpark, added another 50 metre pool and done a similar covered pool complex for the littlies classes? Who needs a gym? And the only reason we’d need a wellness centre is to recover from the shock and horror of the building that contains a wellness centre and the trauma of reaching there without being maimed or killed on a busy road.

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